Strengthening The Potential of the Shipyard Industry as the Main Force Indonesia’s Maritime Sector

September 16, 2015,

Indonesia is one country that has a great maritime potential. Indonesia consist of a group of islands with a coastline with long until 95,000 km. With existing geographical circumstances, Indonesia has a great potential for marine industry. Indonesia has sector of the economy that is not reliant on the mainland, but also in maritime field and make maritime based economy continues to grow in Indonesia and enhance the development of other industries. The business industry which is closely related to sea transport are the port business, multi-modal transport, an insurance company, shipbuilding industry and more. The industry have relation each other and grow together.

One of industry that is evolving with the development of the maritime industry is sea transportation. Sea transportation be a main force for the development of the maritime industry. Because of that, Indonesia should develop shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilding industry has good prospects along with the increasing demand for mass transportation and logistics amid rapid economic growth in Indonesia. Where the ship as a means of transport linking economic activities between islands in Indonesia. Ship a provider of transportation and working facilities of mining, fisheries, tourism, as well as the main tool providers defense system. So the need for the ship will continue to increase. Shipbuilding industry has good prospects to support the Indonesian maritime power.

Shipyard as a place of manufacture of ship production in Indonesia is still evolving to meet the needs of the market. Currently, Indonesia has more than 240 companies of shipyard. Based on World Shipbuilding Statistics in 2007 ranked Indonesia as one of the boat builders from 22 countries ranks the world. Currently he said, the number of shipbuilding industry in the country as many as 250 shipyards with the capability of building a new 900,000 DWT / year and repair capabilities 12,000,000 DWT / year. That’s mean indonesia has the capability. The high demand from local and global markets makes the performance of the national shipping industry showed an increase.

Build a shipbuilding industry became one of the main things the main addition to supporting maritime activity is also associated with the development of the nation. With the development of the shipbuilding industry will certainly absorb experts and workers from Indonesia. The development of shipbuilding industry will also foster the development of marine industry such as industrial components and machinery and contractors. Increasing the demand of ship make the shipyard as a good prospect for economy based. It should also be in support of related parties such as the regulation of the government. The government must be able to concern in the development of shipbuilding industry. Many regulation that the goverment provide the shipyard industry. One of the is the policy of cabotage. The policy of cabotage will provide an opportunity for industry to increase production Increased vessel needs must encourage the production vessel from the shipyard as a shipbuilding. Shipyard should be able to meet the request related vessels use marine transport activity will continue to grow in the future.

Development of the shipping industry has been developed by countries to strengthen the country’s maritime industry. One is south korea. South Korea already has the ability and good performance in the development of the shipping industry. This is related to the needs of the country as a maritime nation. Development of the shipping industry is equipped with good technology and advanced facilities. The progress of the shipping industry south korea country would require the cooperation of various parties, one of them is government policy and existing regulations.

There are several factors that led to the shipbuilding industry Indonesia is a potential industry. One factor is related to the domestic needs of the ship is military defense of the country. As a maritime State Indonesia would have to have a good sea defenses. One of them is by boat , defense frigate, destroyer, to battleships. The need for warships and submarines continues to increase due. Indonesia needs to maintain the sovereignty of the sea defenses Indonesia. In terms of human resource capabilities, Indonesian shipbuilding industry has been able to produce warships used for military activities. One of them is a warship in the form of landing platform dock the KRI Banda Aceh 593 built in PT PAL Indonesia. Indonesia in cooperation with south korea for build marine defense development project. Today indonesia make good coorporation with south korea considering the south korea is one of the countries that has successfully built its maritime industry.

South Korea is one of the countries that produce warships in the world. Even warships in Indonesia. South Korea was able to meet the needs of the Country with. One shipbuilding company Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME), which has produced the submarine. Indonesia also builds submarines in south korea. Indonesia and south korea also cooperate to realize the construction of submarines. Indonesia also has good human resources in the shipping industry. So the potential for development in south korea can be applied in Indonesia. With good regulation and support of related parties of course, we can realize the shipping industry to improve the national defense activities. Learning from korea, korea has good integration and improving the quality and good technology development. To transfer the quality of human resources in the production process. Existing coorperation will certainly improve the quality of Indonesian human resources. One day Indonesia can produce their own defense ships in the future.

The Education shipbuilding experts is increasing in schools and universities Indonesia. Qualification shipping was up to the level of doctorate. Not the least organized exchange of experts to developed countries to transfer knowledge and technology. The education growing media such as websites and software design of the ship. This course will also improve the human resource requirements under on the shipping. Then, The demand for ship also will continue to rise driven mining sector development and trade. Moreover, in 2015, Asean Economic Community will be held where the commencement of the implementation of free trade between countries in Southeast Asia. Ships as a means of freight transport is more efficient than other means of transport. Sea transport is a method that is effective and efficient transportation for commodities in large 90 per cent of internatioal trade done using existing transportation.

The growth of economic activity would foster an increase in the shipping company as the owner of the ship. economic activity as passengers transportation, logistics and support oil and gas industry activities. The demand in the offshore sector (offshore). Moreover, 70% of our oil and gas activities that exist in the sea. Pertamina booked six ships of the national shipbuilding industry. In fact, until 2015, Pertamina plans to add 35 units tanker and supporting ship. National shipyards have prepared a variety of facilities required. One of them PT PAL Indonesia, PT Dok Shipping Surabaya, PT Daya Radar RU primary and the PT Dumas Tanjung Perak, measuring from 3,500 Long Ton Dead Weight (LTDW), LTDW 6,500 and 17,500 LTDW. PT Dok Shipping Kodja Bahari (DKB) expansion plans to enter the LPG project Block Masella, and the added capacity will be about 300.000 DWT. This process will work closely with the South Korean company. Shipping companies would require the ship used to global demand. Economics activities linked to another. the vessel function also supports the activity for disaster mitigation research to be done to support the Indonesian government’s program. With such geographical conditions. Indonesia plays a role Neither such further information as well as passenger transport. Barge that are used to import and export activities. So that the vessel remains one of the modes of transportation. Then shipping company will surely add to the existing fleet related supporting economic activities such as crew boat from the port to offshore rigs. It is also more maintenance process. Shipyard besides the production as well as a repair and maintenance that this will further strengthen the important of shipyard.

Indonesia has great potential but There are some challenges in the development of Indonesian shipping industry, however Use of the technology is still not maximized in Indonesia. Existing technology has not evolved even though Indonesia has a good human resource. In this condition, In a building of 10,000 DWT tanker takes 18 months. Whereas at Hyundai, South Korea, a 260,000 DWT tanker can be completed in just nine months. In addition to technology whose mother, another challenge is the dependence of foreign components. It certainly can be overcome if there is a system and regulation of the relevant parties, including companies and governments Indonesia. This is a challenge for the national shipping industry. We are optimistic that Indonesian government continues to carry out the development of the maritime industry indonesia. In the new government is one of the main government program of development of ships. Marine highway program certainly by making the ship as the one used public transportation to activities. Then in Indonesia formed the ministry which oversees maritime task. This course will address the challenges that exist. So that the development of the maritime industry to become more focused. between cooperation of government and society to continue to develop the shipbuilding industry. The next challenge is the need of ship components. Component ship is still difficult because there are still imported. This of course requires support from the government regarding the import taxes are still expensive. Some national Automotive component industry expressed its readiness to manufacture ship components in the country. This is very encouraging because it would further facilitate the national shipbuilding industry get the necessary components at once can save foreign exchange component of the reduced imports.

We believe that Indonesia has a very large potential for maritime the industry. indonesia can be a great country of the maritime industry. To that he added, Indonesia should bring in industry development strategies shipping components that improve the quality of the material / raw material, improving the quality of production, increase the willingness of Human resource and products.For certificate was added, Indonesia should bring in industry development strategies shipping components that improve the quality of the material / raw materials , improve production quality, increase the willingness of human resources and product certification. Needs of ships in this country is increasing. Peel the shipbuilding industry as one of the industry’s prospects are promising. Shipbuilding industry also serves as the infrastructure of the existence of the harbor. Ports also well built and support with existing economic activities. The shipping industry is still potential to receive credit disbursement by banks as long as these risks can be reduced and national shipping infrastructure can be improved quality and procurement kuantitasnya.Investasi fleet in Indonesia during 2005-2014 to reach US $ 14 billion (Rp 135.28 billion) , The figure will continue to grow because of shipping policy in the country should be served national-flagged ships (cabotage). And without any mapping neat, the government will be difficult to formulate legislation that is able to form a network of marine transport in favor of the domestic market. So that a thorough mapping is absolutely necessary before proceeding further. So in the end, the development of shipbuilding industry is one of the things that are important to. It requires support from various parties. Indonesia could enhance the ability of the country to make a better regulation of the government. The latter are all together in a real and definitive master plan to lead to self-reliance and resilience in the maritime industry vessels. This master plan should be able to create rules that can foster the potential that exists now become more professional both in the technical and commercial side, creating a conducive climate for implementing a clean maritime business, and ultimately able to foster a sense of community in building a strong maritime nation. Because after all, the power of the sea resilience of a country will be strong only when supported by an independent maritime industry.

Indonesia could also learn by doing partnerships with developed countries like south korea to transfer technology to improve the quality indonesia.sebagai maritime country course requires South Korea has been able to maximize the potential of the shipbuilding industry so as to become a maritime power in a series of advanced countries in the world. South Korea has a good concentration in maritime field development. South Korea may increase the facilities and support. The potential also needs help from various stakeholders. We have to be optimistic that indonesia will be one country with great potential in the maritime world.

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