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PT. Baruna Raya Logistics is one of the market leaders in the Offshore Support Vessel (“OSV”) business in Indonesia. The company provides ship owning, agency, chartering and others related in offshore marine services for support to oil and gas industries in Indoensia. To provide these services, the company owns and operates a diversified fleet of 37 vessels as of June 2017, such as Crew Boats, Anchor Handling Towing Supply boats (“AHTS”) and Utility Vessels. The company’s home bases are located in Jakarta and Balikpapan to support daily operations which are located across Indonesia. The Company was established in 1974 and has an over 42 year history of being a provider of marine services, supporting many of Indonesia’s major oil fields operated by large multinationals such as Exxonmobil, BP, Chevron, CNOOC, Shell and Conoco Philips as well as major local companies such as Pertamina.

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Ningbo Maritime Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned enterprise by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation with a registered capital of RMB 80 million. We are professional for innovation and development of high-tech ship-borne (marine engineering) electronics, including maritime communication and navigation products. Moreover, we possess powerful capabilities of research development, design, manufacturing, sales and services.

Our products consist of two series. One is radio communication and navigation device, including all the electronics information devices for ships, which key units are GMDSS, AIS, ECDIS and Navigation radar. The other is navigation-control equipment, just like unmanned surface vessel (USV), main engine remote control system, autopilot stand, etc. And now we possess 12 patents and some professional certifications, just like CCS, COSPAS, ISO 9001:2008.

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Comtech is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Soteco International and Technoservice, its maintenance arm. Soteco International manufactures spare parts for oil purifiers, plates and gaskets for plate heat exchangers and spare parts for Nirex fresh water generators, Moatti filtration, screw pumps and Boll and Kirch filters, with perfect inter changeability with genuine parts. Our service centers provides specialized services of the highest standard like maintenance, bowls balancing, repairing and spare parts replacement and troubleshooting.

Soteco International boasts an innovative, high tech production, using only the finest raw materials with quality controls carried throughout the production cycle. The dynamic converging of energies, professional competence and in-depth knowledge has made Soteco a leader in the marine and industrial sector.

Soteco International has an extensive and successful experience in manufacturing spare parts for centrifugal separators. Soteco International’s 40-year leadership in this field is based on a dynamic combination of energy, specific professional competence and marine know-how. Modern technology, advanced skills and driving motivation have made for better quality of production and corporate growth.

Soteco International is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for production of spare parts for marine and industrial centrifugal separators. Technoservice is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for maintenance, reconditioning and trade centrifugal separators and plates for heat exchangers.

Visit us at C1-01 to ascertain personally our corporate structure, production system and quality standards.

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PT. Figar Jaya Samudra was established since 2001 in Jakarta as Bunker Supplier & Trader, we supply bunker at major Indonesian Ports such as: Belawan, Batam, Palembang, Panjang, Merak, Cigading, Anyer, Tg. Priok, Marunda, Semarang, Surabaya, Tuban, Gresik, Benoa, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Bitung, Makassar, Ambon, Sorong etc.

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Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (shortly known as RSP), is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in screw pumps. Founded in 1996, Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of screw pumps with the professional screw pump brand as “RSP”. At present, RSP manufactures mainly three-screw pump, twin-screw pump and single-screw pump with over 20 series and 500 specification, which are widely applied in the fields of metallurgy, power generation, petroleum, chemical, building material, shipbuilding and heavy machinery, etc.
RSP possesses leading technology of research and development and advanced machining ability in screw pump industry. It also pays great attention to quality management, already achieved 18 national patents, ISO9001 Quality Management System certificate and CE certificates issued by France BV in 2012. It was granted as national “High-Tech Enterprise” by Chinese authority thanks to excellent product operation and good reputation in the market.

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lt is a leading marine Engine& Generator Manufacturing Company with leading technology and know-how. HYUNDAI EN-TECH INC. Headquarters were established in 1999, since then Hyundai Marine Engine has produced and sold more than 3,000 (70PS~550PS) Marine Engines and (24KW~350KW) Generators. HYUNDAI EN-TECH INC. Marine Engines play a key role in the worldwide marine industry. This includes Europe, Mediterranean, South American and South East Asian Countries. Our Marine Engines are characterized by the:
“4H”: High Technology,
High Performance,
High Quality,
High Reliability.
As well as the “4L”: Low Fuel Consumption, Low Cost Maintenance, Low Noise, and Long Durability performance. Since 2004, we have had a signed agreement with the Hyundai Motor Company as a Major Marine Engine supplier. We also maintain several patents for Marine Engine Exhaust Manifold Heat Exchanges and has been selected as a promising export SME by the Small Business Administration.
In 2011, we signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Ship Safety Technology Authority. Recently we received a certificate of approval from RINA for the HD611TA (330PS) and the HD612TA5(500PS) and established a certified system as stated above.


PT. Indonesia Bulk Carrier (IBC) was incorporated in Indonesia since 2010 in response to the demand of sea transportation in indonesia’s domestic market and International market. IBC also promotes Indonesia’s vessel in International shipping community. The company provides shipping services for dry bulk cargoes, containerized and project logistics as well as other type of vessels, shipping consultancy, agency services and chartering of vessels. IBC commits to develop and provide excellent services to all of its customers. With over 20 years of management experience in the maritime industry, the Company continues to develop and grow its fleets to enhance the Indonesia National Maritime Industry. The Company is supported by experience management team and hard working employees in our Jakarta head office and branch offices. The world is small in the hand of our sea transportation team.
Services: Owned and Chartering Bulk Vessels, Tug and Barge Transportation, Self Propelled Barge Transportation, Oil & Gas support Vessels, Bulk Logistics.
Other services: Pooling Management, Total Logistic Consultant, Shipping Consultant, Database Indonesia Shipping, Indonesia Shipping Networking.

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Marine coatings for maximum protection in the toughest conditions.
International Paint Ltd., is part of AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading industrial companies and the world’s largest coatings manufacturer.
International® brand represents quality in each market it serves with operations in more than 60 countries, manufacturing at 15 locations, 7 specialized marine laboratories and over 500 delivery points worldwide. Our marine coatings are engineered to deliver proven performance in-service whilst representing value for money. AkzoNobel’s marine business, International® has worked with The Gold Standard Foundation to create the first approved carbon credit methodology in the marine industry.

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We are a domestic container shipping company in Indonesia. Established in 1995, PT. Lintas Kumala Abadi has grown rapidly to become trusted company to deliver cargo. Until now, we operates 9 vessels, has 5 branches and 2 agent to serve our customers.

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Established in 1994, Mariso is a professional global player in marine diesel engine and turbocharger spare parts supply/repair/reconditioning service. Headquartered in German Industrial Zone, Pudong New District, Shanghai, Mariso covers an area of 25000 square meters with a team of over 200 people. In decades of years, Mariso has dedicated to be the most professional and first-class service company worldwide. Mariso has had its quality control system approved by LR to meet ISO9001. It’s Mariso philosophy to provide professional and reliable service to customers.

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Nanjing Deers Industrial Co., Ltd supply dredging hose/pipeline, marine rubber fender system and other marine products.
We have strict quality and production management system. We also offer OEM for international brands. Professional sales teams serve every customer.

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PT. PCM Kabel Indonesia main objective is customer satisfaction with punctual delivery, product quality consistency and prime service. In achieving this goal, the company always upholds national and international standards.
Supported by the latest art of the technology, production engineering and quality conrol, the divisons expert constantly carry out accurate examinations and control. Supervision and quality control are implemented at every production stage. It begins from the customer order, raw material inspection, production process, final product inspection, product delivery, and after sales service. Furthermore, the quality management system is implemented according to ISO – 9001 : 2008 standard.

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PT. RiSEA Propulsion Indonesia, is recognized as one of the world’s leading Electric Podded Thruster and Propulsion Systems Manufacturer and introduces its unique Electric Podded Thruster, Gear Driven and Hydraulic System designed for all types of Marine vessel.
PT. RiSEA Propulsion Indonesia, through-hull Electric Podded Thtuster are engineered products of European design based on the latest marine propulsion technologies, ANYSY Finite Element Analysis and the most modern manufacturing technologies available. They are of very heavy duty design and incorporate many unique features to optimized reliability, longevity and easy maintained.

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Tug & Barge Service for transhipment & long towing.

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Menyadari bahwa pengeroposan (corrosion) merupakan masalah vital dalam perawatan kapal, offshore rigs dan jaringan pipa bawah laut, perusahaan kami, PT Samudera Dharma Kalingga – yang berdiri sejak 1999 – memfokuskan diri dalam penerapan system and advanced technology guna pengendalian korosi (corrosion control)
Produk utama kami, Vektor&Wilson merupakan zinc & aluminium anode yang diproduksi sesuai spesifikasi untuk pemanfaatannya sebagai anode korban (sacricifal anodes) dalam lingkungan marine (DNV RP – B401); terbuat dari special high grades zinc dengan kemurnian 99.995% & aluminium dengan kemurnian 99.80%. Kedua komoditas logam tersebut sesuai standard spesifikasi London Metal Exchange.
Pengujian dengan menggunakan Optical Emission Spectrophotometer dilakukan oleh team quality control kami secara terus menerus pada bahan baku maupun proses produksi serta produk jadi, guna menjamin bahwa anodes Vektor&Wilson mengandung komposisi kimia logam yang sesuai spesifikasi standard.
Guna memenuhi persyaratan untuk regulasi perkapalan di Indonesia, anodes Vektor&Wilson telah mendapatkan sertifikat dari Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI). Selain penerapan perlindungan kathodik dengan anode korban, juga tersedia sistem Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP); yang memberikan perlindugan terhadap korosi dengan cara menjadikan struktur baja bersifat kathodik dengan menggunakan arus D bertegangan rendah.
Pengeroposan merupakan reaksi alami yang tidak dapat dicegah dan selalu terjadi pada struktur besi, tetapi kita dapat mengendalikannya serta mencegah terjadinya kerusakan lebih parah sebagai akibat pengeroposan tersebut.
Tugas kami adalah memberikan solusi terbaik untuk pengendalian korosi – yang efektif serta cost-efficient – dengan penerapan Cathodic Protection System. Field technical advisor kami senantiasa siap membantu mengevaluasi efektifitas kinerja sistem perlindungan kathodik yang diterapkan pada asset berharga milik para pelanggan.
Dengan pengalaman kami di bidang Cathodic Protection System, serta total quality control process yang diterapkan pada produk Vektor&Wilson, kami memastikan para pelanggan mendapatkan produk berkualitas serta jasa konsultasi yang dapat membantu penyelesaian permasalahan untuk pengendalian korosi tersebut.

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Currently the Indonesian flag ships have around 7.000 units excluding the Police and Military. Apparently the quantity is increasing constantly but not in balance with the dockyards or shipyards, which are seemly stagnant.
The fact is that the fleets need to be repaired and maintained in dockyards annually for shipping safety requirements.
The increasing of qualified national fleets should be supported by the “Excellent Breed” of shipbuilding with good integrity.
PT. STEADFAST MARINE as a new breed of excellence in the shipbuilding was established in 2005, providing the marine industrial services with Global Excellence in high technology development and competition.
Vision: “The New Breed of Indonesia’s Shipyard with Global Excellence”

  1. Design and deliver innovative products to fulfill global demand.
  2. Build quality products with optimum value to customer.
  3. Build mutual and long-term relationship with customer by providing quality after sales service.
  4. Develop excellent people with high integrity.
  5. Sustain compliance to any standards and regulations to guarantee company commitment and integrity in any possible situations

PT STEADFAST MARINE with status as a company in the field of shipyard bonded zone, we are more efficient in the delivery of goods from abroad to our warehouse. “we call it… just in time!”

Product of PT. Steadfast Marine :

  1. LCT (Landing Craft Tank) (5 Units)
  2. Tug Boat (12 Units)
  3. DSV (Diving Support Vessel) (2 Units)
  4. Aluminum Crew boat (10 Units)
  5. Anchor Handling Tug (2 Units)
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PT Trakindo Utama is the world-class heavy equipment solution provider of Caterpillar in Indonesia. The heavy equipment that Trakindo distributes includes machines and engines. The Company was founded in 1970 by AHK Hamami and has been an authorized distributor for Caterpillar since 1971. Supported by the world-class facilities and an extensive network of over 60 branch offices throughout Indonesia, Trakindo delivers quality services to all customers from Sabang to Merauke and support their success. Trakindo’s heavy equipment is destined for mining, construction, forestry and agriculture, marine, oil and gas, and power generation industries.

PT Trakindo Utama adalah penyedia solusi alat berat Caterpillar yang berkelas dunia di Indonesia. Alat berat yang Trakindo distribusikan terdiri dari machine dan engine. PT Trakindo Utama didirikan pada tahun 1970 oleh pencetusnya, AHK Hamami. Trakindo menjadi dealer resmi untuk Caterpillar di tahun 1971. Didukung dengan fasilitas yang berkelas internasional dan jaringan yang luas di lebih dari 60 cabang di seluruh Indonesia, Trakindo siap melayani dan memajukan seluruh pelanggannya dari Sabang sampai Merauke. Dukungan alat berat yang dimiliki Trakindo diperuntukkan bagi industri pertambangan, konstruksi, kehutanan dan perkebunan, kelautan, minyak dan gas, serta kelistrikan.

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Founded in 1993, Yuanhang is the largest propeller manufacturer in South China. The biggest marine propeller that Yuanhang has delivered is 8 meters in diameter and 30 tons on weight, and today Yuanhang is able to manufacture single propeller up to 60 tons on weight. Yuanhang has obtained the ISO9002 quality certificate and obtained factory approval certificate of all IACS members, including ABS, LR, NK, RS, CCS, KR, BV, DNV GL, RINA and non IACS members BKI.

Main products are: 1. Fixed Pitch Propellers (up to 60 tons on weight); 2. Controllable Pitch Propeller Blades and Hubs. 3. Bronze castings.

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“WSK™ Group, we are the manufacturer of HVAC ventilation fans, blowers and spares. Obtain and represent the technologies knowledge from UK – FANKER,
We can offer a broad range of expertise in these areas: supplying ventilation fan to customer, fabricate blowers according to customer design, giving technical support to engineering companies, export HVAC equipment & spares to overseas and provide OEM to trade customers.
WSK fan blower had been tested & approved by UKAS Accredited Test Laboratory for Industries & Marine Type Approval Testing. Additional Lab test rating to IP 66 and Salt Mist Highly Corrosive testing were also carried out.
WSK fan blower has achieved excellent result in all the Type Approval testing including Salt Mist Corrosive environment & IP 66 rating.

  • Our Test Certifications:
    WSK Fan Blower ATEX Certification – ATEX 028 – Hazardous Zone.
    WSK Fan Blower Marine Type Approval – Lloyds Classification.
  • Our HVAC products such as;
    – Axial fan – Marine Type Approved – Lloyd’s.
    – Centrifugal Blower – Direct or Belt Driven.
    – Marine mushroom cowling damper.
    – Shipyard Multi-Outlet Mancooler Ventilator.
    – Chemical Blower – PP, FRP or GRP material. Direct or Belt Driven.
    – Pneumatic Air driven fan.
    – Mixflow In-Line Tube Fan.
    – Multi-Jet Fan.
    – ATEX Certify for the above Fan Blower designs. Complete ATEX Certification in Explosion Proof Hazardous Zone.
    Our ATEX code: CEC 13 ATEX 028.
    – Noise Silencer – GI or Mild Steel.
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Driven by our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. We provide classification, technical assurance, software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. We also provide certification services to customers across a wide range of industries. Combining leading technical and operational expertise, risk methodology and in-depth industry knowledge, we empower our customers’ decisions and actions with trust and confidence. We continuously invest in research and collaborative innovation to provide customers and society with operational and technological foresight. Operating in more than 100 countries, our professionals are dedicated to helping customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.

Hyundai Marine Tech

HYUNDAI EN-TECH INC. Headquarters were established in 1999, since then Hyundai Marine Engine has produced and sold more than 3,000 (70PS~550PS) Marine Engines and (24KW~350KW) Generators.

HYUNDAI EN-TECH INC. Marine Engines play a key role in the worldwide marine industry. This includes Europe, Mediterranean, South American and South East Asian Countries.

Our Marine Engines are characterized by the “4H”: High Technology, High Performance, High Quality, and High Reliability. As well as the “4L”: Low Fuel Consumption, Low Cost Maintenance, Low Noise, and Long Durability performance.

Product Introduction

[Marine Engines]

– Strong Power, Fuel efficiency – High Economic Feasibility

– High fuel pressure-Perfect combustion

– Self-diagnosis-Optimum safe driving

– Excellent Maintainability and Simple Compact Engine

– Green-tech marine Engines

– Applicable various boats

(Government ship, fishing ship, cruise ships)


[Marine Generators]

– Compact serial type engine

– Sufficient, and Unparalleled Power

– Low maintenance costs

– Green-tech marine Engines

– Self-diagnosis-Optimum safe driving

– Applicable various (Pump, Compressor marine generator)

– Output:24KW∼330KW

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CCS - China Classification Society

Founded in 1956, China Classification Society (CCS) is the specialized organization of China to provide classification services. CCS is a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies, a major international classification society. CCS aims to provide services for the shipping, shipbuilding, offshore exploration, related manufacturing industries and marine insurance by furnishing reliable classification requirements and providing independent, impartial and integral classification and statutory services to ships and offshore installations, for the promotion and safeguarding of the safety of life and property at sea and for the prevention of pollution to the marine environment. CCS also provide offshore engineering and 3rd party inspection services. CCS aims to provide services for offshore exploration and related manufacturing industries and marine insurance by furnishing reliable standard and providing independent, impartial and integral inspection services to the offshore installations, for the promotion and safeguarding of the safety of life and property at sea and for the prevention of pollution to the marine environment.

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Mariso Corporation

Established in 1994, Mariso is a professional global player in marine diesel engine and turbocharger spare parts supply/repair/reconditioning service. Located in Shanghai,China,Mariso’s facility and workshop are covering an area of 25000 square meters.