Kementerian Perindustrian Republik Indonesia


VISION The Long-Term Vision of National Industry Development (2025) is Taking Indonesia in 2025 to become a Strong Industrial Nation in the World, with a linking vision;

  • World-class industry;
  • GDP of Industrial sector is balance between Java Island and Outside Java;
  • Technology to become spearhead of product development and market creation.

To realize this vision, it’s formulated Vision on 2020 that is Indonesia shall become a New Industrial Developed Country according to Bogor Declaration on 1995 between APEC’s head of state. As a New Industrial Developed Country, Indonesia must fulfill several criteria that are:

  • High capability to compete with other industrial country;
  • High role and contribution of industrial sector for national economics;
  • Balance capability between Small and Medium Industries with Large Industries;
  • Strong industrial structure (industrial tree is deep and complete, strong upward and downward industry, strong interconnectivity of industrial scale);
  • Strong industrial services.

Based on Vision 2020, National Industry capability is recognized by the international community as the structural basis for the future’s strong modern economy as well as a vehicle for a people-oriented economy. To realize this vision, the industry sector must carry systematic missions which are described in strategic map which accommodated stakeholders’ perspective in terms of Strategic Outcomes, that is:

  • Improvement of industrial added value;
  • Improvement of domestic and international market domination;
  • Improvement of capability for industrial Human Resources, R&D, and entrepreneurship;
  • Improvement of industrial technology capability which is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly;
  • Complete and strengthen industrial structure;
  • Spread of industrial development;
  • Role Improvement of Small and Medium Industry towards GDP.

The vision above is described in five years vision until 2014, which is: Competitiveness stabilization for sustainable manufacture industrial base, and development pillar for future leading industry.

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