Indonesia Requires US$ 822 M to Build New Fleets

November 16, 2015,

Indonesia is requiring more than US$822 million (Rp 11,8 trillion) to build 188 ships to support the implementation of “sea toll” program, according to Ministry of Transportation.

The ministry expects the first delivery will be done at least by the end of 2017. “This is the biggest ship development that we have ever had and it is expected to be finished in 2017,”said Bobby R. Mamahit, the Ministry’s Director General of Sea Transportation.

According to Bobby, the investment requirements for project reached Rp 11,8 trillion (US$822 million), which would be allocated between 2015 and 2017.

This investment includes allocation for marine defenses, navigation, and cargo vessels to support the sea toll program to cut logistics disparity within the country.

He said that this will cover deployment of 73 patrol vessels. 796 cargo vessels, and 15 navigation vessels. Bobby added that the procurement process for the vessels would be done by auction that will involve both domestic and foreign shipyards.

The ministry has also issued circular letter No. UM.001/17/2/DK-15 regarding shipyard criteria for the development of the state’s ships. The letter outlines many of the rules that should regulate this project.

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