September 14, 2017,

Five Trade Exhibitions and Cross-Sector Conferences Officially Open to Accelerate National Infrastructure, Energy, and Maritime Development.Jakarta, 13 September 2017 – Today, Indonesia’s Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Dr. Ir. Mochamad Basoeki Hadimoeljono, M.Sc officially opens the biggest and the most prominent five trade exhibitions and cross-sector conferences in Southeast Asia. These exhibitions include Concrete Show South East Asia 2017Mining Indonesia 2017Construction Indonesia 2017Oil & Gas Indonesia 2017 and Marintec Indonesia 2017; all happening on 13-16 September 2017 at Jakarta International Expo. Organized by PT UBM Pameran Niaga Indonesia and PT Pamerindo Indonesia, the five exhibitions offer both local and international business players in the concrete, construction, mining, energy, and maritime industry a perfect platform to expand their business network and to bring solutions to support the government’s infrastructure, energy, and maritime development program in the country.

President Director of PT UBM Pameran Niaga IndonesiaChristopher Eve said, “We are extremely proud to present the most comprehensive, the biggest, five global-scale exhibitions all held at the same time in Indonesia. Through our exhibition, we aim to support the government effort to develop the five sectors in Indonesia: concrete, construction, mining, energy, and maritime. A cross-sector synergy between the five is important and essentially required to accelerate domestic infrastructure development, specifically the construction and maritime sector in Indonesia. This cross-sector exhibition is hoped to bring more solutions to both local and international industry players and to maximize each sector. Global players may also be involved in the exhibition to receive the latest information in the industry, to create better solutions to industrial issues, and to adopt to new technology to improve the quality and efficiency of products in Indonesia.


Infrastructure, especially development of construction and maritime sector, is one of Joko Widodo’s prioritized programs in an effort to drive national economic growth because acceleration of infrastructure development will eventually drive the country’s economy. Indonesia’s competitiveness rank as listed in the “Global Competitiveness Index” improved from the 55th in 2008/2009 to 41st in 2016/2017, against all 138 countries. Such improvement thanks to the Indonesian government’s initiative to develop infrastructure, which made it possible to jump 14 ranks above (The Global Competitiveness Report 2016–2017).


The Indonesian government has been driving infrastructural development, specifically land transportation i.e. toll roads and trains; including MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation), LRT (Light Rail Transit), and Commuter Lines. Additionally, it has also shifted its focus towards the development of maritime infrastructure i.e. marine transportation, in line with the government’s vision to transform the country into the world’s maritime axis. A number of steps have been implemented to further develop national maritime infrastructure i.e. the construction of sea toll, deep seaport, maritime logistics, development of shipment industry, and maritime tourism. Indonesia’s maritime transportation competence index also improved from 104th in 2012 to 77th in 2015, proving that domestic development has been fruitful, and is hoped to keep improving.

Christopher Eve continued, “Through the Concrete Show South East Asia dan Marintec Indonesia, we hope to bring solutions to support the government in its endeavor to improve infrastructure and maritime sector in Indonesia. Concrete Show South East Asia 2017 facilitates buyers and suppliers with a variety of products, services, and technologies related to concrete and construction i.e. concrete mixers, batching plants, light brick machines, and concrete iron technology, enabling industry players to be engaged in exclusive discussions to improve their insight on the industry. The event is a perfect platform for the industry players to gather and interact with fellow businessmen throughout the world to improve the quality and capability of construction projects.


Christopher Eve added, “Held in line with the Concrete Show SEA 2017, this will be the third Marintec Indonesia held in Indonesia. The event works as a medium of communication where global leaders and professionals meet up to have an in-depth discussion on maritime industry, its development and potential. Discussions range from marine equipments, shipment technology, chandlery, to other maritime services.”


More than 45,000 visitors are attending the event, wishing to meet with local distributors as well as foreign companies from more than 40 countries and regions offering sophisticated products and technologies to provide solution and accommodate industrial needs of each sector: concrete, construction, mining, energy, and maritime. “Through this extraordinary event, we hope Indonesia will be able to have better chance to compete with other ASEAN countries and at the same time able to deliver quality land and maritime infrastructure projects to further the country’s development,” Christopher concluded

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